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Flex-Deck-Spec House

March 24, 2010

This one-storey, 3,000 SF residence is designed with change in mind: change in season, and change in lifestyle. The 25-meter long house nestles into the adjacent shoreline, like a houseboat moored to a dock. Inside, three 9’-0” wide sections of the house float on pontoons that, in warmer weather, enable a smaller sleeping area (a portion of each of the 3 bedrooms) to slide out onto the water on private decks, protected by mosquito-netted “tents”. These piers move independently of one another, each revealing a different leisure amenity beneath it: one pier slides open to reveal a bocce court/horseshoe pit; another, a Jacuzzi/hot tub; and beneath the third, a freshwater lap pool (an area netted-off from the pond itself).

These ‘movable piers’ also organize the interior of the house in a manner that maximizes flexibility and accommodates a number of lifestyle combinations: a young family, a single professional, or parents with adult children, for example. This is accomplished by making only the kitchen, laundry and dining areas common, with the other areas of the house able to operate and be accessed separately. This allows for a single individual to use the house efficiently by using only as much of the house as necessary, whereas two couples could comfortably share the house for a week, with the ability to determine for themselves how much privacy or connectedness they would like. Similarly, an office is provided with direct public access from the street so as to allow the occupant to see clients without being disturbed by or disturbing the other occupants.

In addition to these interior dynamics, the house features a prominent wood clad, south-sloping roof/sun deck which faces onto the pond. This surface, which extends down one end to connect with the shoreline surrounding the house, has built into it 4 oversized deck chairs which, through their profile, also serve as skylights for the interior spaces below. Access to this landscape from the house, meanwhile, is gained via an outdoor stair that ascends from 2 different parts of the house, allowing, in the case of a shared living situation, each party to have access. Supporting its use as a ‘leisure deck’ (similar to a cruise ship), this upper surface has – clustered around an outdoor fireplace/BBQ – an outdoor shower and bar/refrigerator/countertop, all of which are wrapped by an “umbrella” of weatherproof canvas which opens to create a shady, dry area for hosting warm-weather parties in rain or shine.

Via: Architizer and Roger Sherman Architecture


Self-Sufficient House on the Water by formodesign

March 24, 2010

This concept for a cantilevered house on water is from architects Jedrzej Lewandowski and Lukasz Skirzynski.
After researching yacht architecture, the pair came up with the idea for a self-sufficient 2 family home that includes an integrated floating dock (rises and falls with tide levels), desalination water treatment, and tidal and solar energy generators.

Via: Apartment Therapy and Daily Tonic