Floating homes


Our approach to the subject of floating homes is based on our fascination with water. As water sports enthusiasts we also look housing plots by the water, but these are hard to find and prohibitively expensive. So why not make use of the water as the Londoners do it in Little Venice? In large German conurbations there is sufficient waste land with areas of water that could be reactivated and brought back to life by floating homes.

The idea to develop the floating homes originated from our participation in a Europe-wide competition initiated by Wasserstadt GmbH Berlin, in which our floating homes concept was awarded 1st place.

What was required was the development of a uniquely maritime structure – neither house nor ship. Following the highly positive response to our competition success our office designed a total of four different floating homes with living space of 225m3, 160m3, 120m3 and 114m3 respectively.

In a positive sense, to export “Planned in Germany” + “Made in Germany” all over the world. As in automobile manufacturing, it will be possible to order and deliver the prefabricated serial product “floating homes” worldwide.

(Quotation KT/MF)

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